Double Chocolate Cake Review (Marie Callender’s)

Double Chocolate Cake-Marie Calendar's

Marie Callendar’s Double Chocolate Cakes are little frozen cakes sold at the grocery store. And they really are little! If you’re looking for a smaller snack, this may be right choice for you—however, they are not necessarily what you might consider a “light” cake.

Image of Marie Callender's Chocolate Cake BoxFirst, though, here are the basics. These are found in the frozen section at the grocery store, and may be found in the frozen dessert section or with the frozen Marie Callendar’s dinners (depending on the store).  Each box comes with two cakes, which are in convenient plastic containers that you can put directly into the microwave. It only takes about 12 seconds to thaw them in the microwave (which is stated on the front of the box).

Frozen cakes can be a bit tricky, and the trick with this one seemed to be getting the entire cake thawed in the microwave without the frosting becoming too warm. While the frosting and outer portions thawed well, the inside was still a bit too stiff and cold. Sure, it might have fared okay if put back into the microwave–but the frosting may have ended up too warm (not that this would be terrible, but if it’s not what you’re looking for in a cake, it might bother you).

Little, Rich Chocolate Cakes

Otherwise, these are great little cakes. They are quite rich—even if you like really rich chocolate, these are pretty intense if you eat the whole thing. For a small chocolate cake, they are also quite filling. These cakes are not on the light and “airy” side.

Overall, these are good-quality cakes that are worth trying.