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Weight Watchers Chocolate Creme Cake

Great Diet Chocolate Cakes: Chocolate Creme Cake Review (Weight Watchers)

Weight Watchers Chocolate Creme CakeWeight Watchers’ Chocolate Creme Cakes are very similar to what you might consider a chocolate Zinger; in other words, the filling is chocolate, as opposed to the white sugary filling inside Hostess Zingers. There are also some other small differences between the two products, though on the outside, they basically look the same.

To start, though, let’s just look at the Weight Watchers cake. The chocolate cake portion itself is quite moist—and it’s very good. If you are expecting a bland chocolate cake since this is a diet item, that’s luckily not at all what you’ll find. This product has a nice chocolate cake that is not overpowering, nor too sugary.

The filling is good, too—again, just a nice chocolate filling that is not too sugary (if you’re looking for loads of sugar, this is probably not the cake for you)WeightWatchers Chocolate Creme Cake Package. And the frosting is good. These cakes are a nice balance of nice chocolate cake and diet item.

Weight Watchers Chocolate Creme Cake vs. Hostess Zingers

At first glance, these look exactly like Zingers from the outside. So, how do they compare? Let’s take it one element at a time.

First, the cake part of the Weight Watchers cake is actually quite a bit more moist. It could have just been the Zingers batch we tried, but the Weight Watchers cake seemed much more moist. Not surprisingly, the Zingers were also a bit more on the sweet side.

Hostess Zingers

Hostess Zingers (shown) look very similar to the Weight Watchers Chocolate Creme Cakes.

The frosting on each product seemed nearly identical, so there’s not much to compare there. The fillings are obviously very different, however, and they’re not meant to be the same, as the Zingers filling is a white sugary filling. If you have a heavy sweet tooth and are not looking specifically for a weight-watching or diet item, you may prefer Zingers. If you want something with a more chocolately filling, though or wish that Zingers had a chocolate filling instead, the Weight Watchers item would be for you.

Final Thoughts

These cakes are worth 2 Weight Watchers points. Both items are equally good—your personal preference will determine which you want to eat on a regular basis.

Compare the Weight Watchers Chocolate Creme Cake nutrition information with Hostess Zingers.