Donuts + Chocolate Infographic

It only seems natural to bring two of everyone’s favorite items together: chocolate and donuts! And what better way to honor these food items than an infographic?

There are several variations on donuts with chocolate, from French crullers to traditional chocolate cake donuts. Some go by more than one name. Consider this a random opportunity to really get to know these beloved breakfast and dessert items.

If nothing else, we simply want to enjoy those chocolate-laden donuts!

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Infographic: Chocolate Donuts |


Donuts + Chocolate Infographic Text

Donuts are a favorite on everyone’s breakfast menu. So what could possibly make a donut better?


Some donuts with chocolate are known by more than one name. Not all donut names may be covered here.

Chocolate Cake/Devil’s Food Donut: Chocolate cake donuts often have toppings like nuts & rainbow sprinkles. Cake donuts are made with cake batter instead of yeast batter, like most other donuts.

Chocolate Old-Fashioned: Similar to a cake donut but a bit crunchier on the exterior.

Chocolate Cruller/French Donut/Chocolate-Iced French Cruller: A twisty donut, often ring-shaped.

Chocolate Raised/Chocolate Iced/Chocolate Frosted

Chocolate Bar/Chocolate Long John

Chocolate Twist

Enjoy your donuts!