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 Chocolate Fun

Chocolate has many sides—including a fun side that’s worth taking a look at!


99-Cents Store Chocolate Haul

If you’re familiar with YouTube, you may have seen some of the “haul” videos in which people basically do a show-and-tell about items they’ve purchased. Well, we’ve got our own version of a haul—a chocolate haul from the 99 Cents Store, where you can buy a great variety of chocolate with only $10.


Chocolate Vacations: Stopping at Ghirardelli’s Shops

What could be better than adding chocolate stops to your vacation? Don’t miss out on your chocolate fix just because you’re away from home! This guest post proves that seeking out chocolate can be worth the effort when you’re on your next trip.


Donuts + Chocolate Infographic

It only seems natural to bring two of everyone’s favorite items together: chocolate and donuts! And what better way to honor these food items than an infographic?


Miss KFC’s Chocolate Parfait? Re-Create It!

For those wishing to re-create this nostalgic dessert, here’s a quick primer. It’s super simple—but alas, making these ourselves will probably still never compare to picking up the little buckets of treats that you got to scarf down once you finished your KFC.


What Do Others Think of American Chocolate?

If you’re from the U.S. and grew up on American chocolate, it can be very interesting (and humorous) to see what people from other countries think of our usual choco fare.


A Chocolate Exhibit

Find out about some of the history of chocolate, along with some memorable quotes about chocolate, in these galleries featuring photos of a chocolate exhibit at a local fair.


Choco Vids

A collection of all the chocolate-related videos we’ve posted so far!



More fun chocolate items coming soon!