Chocolate Pocky Review

Image of Pocky Sticks


Pocky’s Chocolate Cream Covered Biscuit Sticks are one of those things you spot once in a while and wonder what they are like. You’re about to find out!

First, the packaging is quite unique for chocolate-covered snacks. The items are, as indicated, sticks. The box opens up with a flip top, and you open the baggy within, then you can pull out the chocolate from the top very easily.

A Different Type of Chocolate Biscuit

So what exactly are these sticks? They are shortbread pieces covered in chocolate, and they really do seem like chocolate biscuits. They are a bit lighter in consistency (since the biscuit part is more of a stick than a cookie). The nice thing about the Pocky is that it’s a nice, light snack that will hardly break your bank. In fact, these can sometimes be found at places such as Daiso Japan, where they would definitely fall into the budget category. However, they don’t taste “budget” and are a good chocolate biscuit, just in a different form.

Interestingly, the entire box has only 20 grams of sugar, which is not bad. These may be a good way for chocoholics to get a chocolate fix without a huge sugar rush.

If you have never tried Pocky sticks before, definitely give them a go, especially if you enjoy chocolate biscuits and the like.

Chocolate Pocky Nutrition Facts