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Trader Joe’s Mini Dark Chocolate Mint Coins (Review)

Trader Joe’s has a lot of seasonal chocolate items, one being their Mini Dark Chocolate Mint Coins. These seem to be a summer item, since the box shows an illustration of a tent in the wilderness with a campfire. They are described as “mint chocolate cookies coated with dark chocolate.”

Quarter-Sized “Coins”

“Chocolate coin” makes you think of the gold-foil-wrapped chocolate coins with molding resembling a real coin. These basically look like little chocolate-covered cookies.

They are, however, coins in the sense that they are about the size of a quarter (just a little larger).

Like Little Thin Mints

If you like Thin Mints, you’ll love these little miniature versions of the beloved Girl Scout cookie. These are exactly like Thin Mints—only in miniature. And like Thin Mints, they’re not available all the time. So if you’d like to get your Thin Mint fix during summer, make sure to get to Trader Joe’s while they’re still there.

Trader Joe's Mini Dark Chocolate Mint Coins Review | chocolateenmasse.comFun Packaging

Although packaging doesn’t have anything to do with taste, the box is too fun not to mention it. The scene on it depicts camping on a cliff overlooking a stream below, and a stack of enlarged cookies appears on the side with a “TJ’s” flag stuck into it.

And not to be missed, on the side are lyrics to Trader Joe’s rendition of “On Top of Old Smokey” called “On Top of Mt. TJ’s.”

If you’re looking for a nice and light summer cookie, these are a great choice.


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