Ghirardelli’s Intense Dark 86% Cacao Midnight Reverie Bar

Image of Ghirardelli 86% dark Chocolate

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Ghirardelli’s Intense Dark 86% Cacao Midnight Reverie Bar is not for the faint of heart! One serving contains just 5 grams of sugar—compare that to 24 grams in the same amount of Hershey’s milk chocolate! Some people describe 86% as “too bitter” and “not smooth,” but many dark chocolate lovers enjoy pairing it with something or using it for cooking. This chocolate can be melted into coffee, enjoyed with a glass of red wine or paired with chocolate’s best partner: peanut butter!

Image of Ghirardelli 86% dark ChocolateMy favorite way to eat the Midnight Reverie Bar is spreading some Jif over a square or two (definitely not four squares like the suggested serving size), and enjoying small bites. Because it’s 86%, the chocolate doesn’t melt in your hands like other chocolates, so you can eat it slowly while holding the square.

Dark chocolate lovers can certainly appreciate the quality of Ghirardelli’s Midnight Reverie Bar. Just like with wine, chocolate lovers should work their way up to these more “sophisticated” flavors to develop their palate. Move up from milk chocolate to 60%, and when you’re used to that, move to 70% and then try 80%.

Dark chocolate is actually quite good for your health, and studies suggest that the antioxidants, flavanols and other good stuff in dark chocolate can decrease the risk of diabetes, stroke, heart disease and cancer. With just over 1 gram of sugar and 83 calories per square, Girardelli’s Intense Dark 86% Cacao Midnight Reverie Bar is the perfect chocolate choice for people who need to watch their calories or sugar intake, or those who want eat chocolate for its health benefits.