Milk Chocolate With Butter Biscuit (Ritter Sport)

 Ritter Sport Biscuit: Milk Chocolate With Butter

Chocolate biscuits are some of those items that you don’t notice much initially, but they are certainly out there if you’re looking for them. Ritter Sport makes various chocolate biscuit varieties, including caramel, hazelnut and the Milk Chocolate With Butter Biscuit reviewed here.

Ritter Chocolate Biscuit: Milk Chocolate With ButterThese are actually more like a hybrid chocolate bar than a traditional chocolate biscuit, but we’ll keep them in the biscuit category since there aren’t many choco biscuits in general. While most chocolate biscuits are basically the cookie biscuit with some chocolate on them, these are more like chocolate squares with a chocolate filling and biscuit both within. As far as the outside goes, they are subdivided into little squares, which makes for easy separation.

The first layer within the outer chocolate is a chocolate filling type of item. This is actually quite rich once you’ve had a bit of these chocolate biscuits. The filling is fairly thick, and put together with the rather thick biscuit, as well, if you’re looking for a light snack, eating an entire bar/biscuit is probably not the best choice, as a good portion of these can become quite filling. The biscuit part is good, not being overly dull.

Some Chocolate Square History

Ritter Chocolate Biscuit PackageRitter Sport came into existence in Germany, according to Wikipedia, from Alfred Ritter and his wife, Clara. Clara was the one who came up with the idea for the squares, seeking to create chocolate that would fit easily into people’s sport jackets and not break. They also mention that Ritter Sport has had some notable slogans playing on the idea of the chocolate square, such as:

  • Squared. Practical. Good.
  • Quality in a square.
  • Quality. Chocolate. Squared.

Who wouldn’t want quality chocolate squared? If you’ve ever wondered about these chocolate squares when you see them at the store, give them a try!