Like Coffee in Chocolate: Baron Coffee-Lover’s Collection of Truffles (Review)

Baron's Coffee Chocolate

The term “coffee-lover’s collection of truffles” is bound to get most people’s attention! While Baron sells various collections of chocolate, this review is for the Baron Fine European Collection: Coffee-Lover’s Collection of Truffles.

And this collection does not disappoint for various reasons. First, there’s the price point: Baron is actually available at the 99-Cent Store. Whether the coffee version is available there when you visit will always be TBD, getting good chocolate for $1.00 is always a plus. On the other hand, don’t expect the box to be filled with chocolate all snug together, edge to edge and wall to wall inside—these boxes have the plastic material that holds each piece separately.

Coffee Inside Chocolate

As for the coffee taste, these really do have an obvious coffee filling inside. The differences between each one are very subtle; there’s definitely a mocha version, along with some other coffee flavors. However, the difference is slight. At the same time, these should be plenty for any coffee-lover; they actually are reminiscent of eating coffee-flavored candies.

The filling itself is not a super moist filling like you would expect with a ganache or typical truffle filling (not that they need to be, but just fyi).

All in all, for $1.00, these are a very nice chocolate treat!