99 Cents Store Chocolate “Haul”

Image of 99 Cent Store Chocolate

Image of Chocodile Twinkie

Hostess’ Chocodile Twinkies are a chocolate-covered version of their well-known favorite that you may be able to find at the 99 Cents Store.

If you’re familiar with YouTube, you may have seen some of the “haul” videos in which people basically do a show-and-tell about items they’ve purchased. Well, we’ve got our own version of a haul—a chocolate haul from the 99 Cents Store, where you can buy a great variety of chocolate with only $10. The 99 Cents Store has some decent chocolate items; you just have to look. Many of the items are sold there regularly, as opposed to some other bargain stores where the selection varies (though this is completely understandable).

So without further delay, let’s take a look at what $10 can get you at the 99 Cents Store! Here’s what we got:
• Raisinets
• Multi-Pack of Twix
• Multi-Pack of Baby Ruth
• Large Box of M&Ms
• Creme de Piroulines (wafer tubes with chocolate inside)
• Hostess Chocolate Cupcakes
• Hostess Chocodile Twinkies (obviously not chocolate through and through, but they are covered with chocolate)
• Bauducco Chocolate Wafer
• Meiji Hello Panda
• Ghirardelli Spring Impressions Package

Image of Ghirardelli bunny square

Bags of seasonal Ghirardelli chocolates include these cute Spring Impressions chocolates. Note the cute bunny mold for Easter!

Most of these are available year-round at most 99 Cents Stores we’ve been to, with the exception of the Meiji Hello Pandas (these may just be new, though). The Ghirardelli offerings do change at the 99 Cents Store, but there is often some Ghirardelli chocolate there at any given time.

Some of these do not require any explanations, but some may be a bit unexpected or just things you don’t run into at many stores. The Bauducco Chocolate Wafers boast “0 g trans fat” and are also sugar free, according to the package. These are likely to be covered in a future review.

The Meiji Hello Pandas are described on the package as being “chocolate-creme-filled cookies.” They are quite cute; the packaging shows them as little bear-head-shaped cookies with an imprint of a panda. Again, this is probably another future review item.

The Ghirardelli Spring Impressions chocolate was available after Easter. Each package has two Ghirardelli chocolate squares (the individually wrapped squares) with an Easter theme molded onto it. Though these appeared after Easter had passed, it’s doubtful that chocoholics will care, as they will consume chocolate of any kind during any season.

Before wrapping up our 99 Cents Store haul, it’s probably worth it to mention that some of the items we’ve previously reviewed actually came from there, also: The Baron Coffee-Lover’s Collection of Truffles and the Duncan Hines mix for Devil’s Food Cupcakes.