Must-Try Belgian Chocolate Seashells From GBS (Review)

GBS Seashell Review |

Chocolate seashells are a special treat—with their pretty molds, they always look like an elegant chocolate gift item. And these seashells are just as good to eat as they are to look at!GBS-Seashell-Pkg

The first thing that may strike the chocoholic about these chocolate seashells is that they look a lot like Guylian seashells (which are also very good—stay tuned for a future review). The outside of these chocolates is a mix of white chocolate swirled with milk chocolate. One major difference between GBS and Guylian is that instead of a chocolate seahorse, the package from GBS has a fish in it (yes, seahorses are fish, technically, but this is a “fishy fish”). Otherwise, the chocolates look very similar.

Inside the Chocolate Seashells

The inside of GBS seashells is a very nice, truffle-like cream filling of hazelnut. Ferrero-Rocher fans are very likely to enjoy these, as well. The filling in a Ferrero-Rocher is different, in that it isn’t as creamy and not similar to a truffle filling—but that’s really no big deal, as the hazelnut inside is great for both items.

These chocolates are very sweet. If you like more of a bitter chocolate, these seashells may not be for you. You need to have a major sweet tooth to eat a bunch of this seashell collection in one sitting, but that’s probably a good thing—that way, you can stretch out your chocolate-seashell consumption and not chug these down all at once.

Not to mention that the chocolate fish is just too cute. If you have a sweet tooth (and most chocoholics do), what’s not to like?

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