Miss KFC’s chocolate parfait? Re-create it!

Image of Re-Created KFC Chocolate ParfaitRemember the Little Bucket Parfaits that Kentucky Fried Chicken used to sell? There was a strawberry shortcake, lemon cream, and of course, a chocolate cream parfait. They came in a little plastic container, and to a lot of people, they were some of the best fast-food desserts out there. Rumblings of discontent have already been published online from those who grew up with the Little Bucket Parfaits and seem to want them back.

It’s not that they are terribly difficult to reproduce—but the convenience and nostalgia of these now-bygone desserts are probably the main reasons people want them back. And rightfully so. If you never had a Little Bucket Parfait (they stopped making them several years ago), you unfortunately missed out on a fast-food dessert that was done away with long before its time.

So, for those wishing to re-create this nostalgic dessert, here’s a quick primer. It’s super simple—but alas, making these ourselves will probably still never compare to picking up the little buckets of treats that you got to scarf down once you finished your KFC.

Re-creating Chocolate Cream Little Bucket Parfaits

These are put together with a few simple layers.

Graham cracker crust crumbs: the bottom layer. For the quick and easy version, you can just buy an inexpensive pre-made graham cracker crust and crumble it. One full pie crust will make three to four parfaits. This layer is literally just the crumbs in a pile.

Chocolate pudding: the middle layer. Next put an equal amount of chocolate pudding. KFC’s version used a typical “regular” chocolate pudding (not dark chocolate).

Whipped cream: the top layer. This is pretty self-explanatory, but remember to top it off with chocolate sprinkles—you won’t have a true KFC chocolate cream parfait without them!

That’s it! Even if your version tastes exactly like the KFC parfaits of days gone by, it somehow isn’t the same as eating them from the little cups. Rest in peace, Little Bucket Parfaits!