Dagoba Milk Chocolate Bar (Review)

Image of Dagoba Milk ChocolateNot to be confused with Dagobah (the home of Yoda), Dagoba is actually a division of Hershey’s. The Dagoba website states that the company was purchased by Hershey’s in 2006. It is an organic chocolate company that also has the Rainforest Alliance Certified symbol on it:

Dagoba-Milk-Chocolate-RainforestSo not only do you get to enjoy good chocolate with Dagoba, but it is also chocolate with a cause, being rainforest-friendly and organic.

Digging Dagoba Chocolate

Dagobah milk chocolate is very good—though milk chocolate sounds like the simplest type, this actually has a bit of a truffle type of flavor. In other words, it’s a bit more rich than what you would expect from milk chocolate but is not in any way “too much.” It’s a bit more expensive than typical chocolate you would find at the grocery store, for example, but is not as extravagant as some “high-end” chocolates, either.

Dagoba-Milk-Chocolate-PkgThe bars themselves are broken into several rows with the “Dagoba” name etched onto them.

Dagoba Diversity

Dagoba offers several interesting types of chocolate bars, from Hazelnut to Lavender Blueberry. Their line even includes a bit of spice in their Xocolatl bar, which has chiles in it. Ethereal names like “Eclipse” and “New Moon” are used for their extra dark and bittersweet dark bars.

Dagoba chocolates are definitely worth a try, especially for those looking for something different or looking to support more sustainable companies.

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