Godiva Soft Serve (Review)

In addition to chocolate, Godiva boutiques offer items like chocolate-covered strawberries, and for a while now, their Godiva soft serve. Godiva soft serve is available in three varieties: dark chocolate, white chocolate vanilla bean and swirl (a mixture of the two). You can get it in either a cup or a cone. For this post, we will look at the “swirl” flavor.

The swirl is not completely “separated,” in that the chocolate side is not all together and the vanilla side is not all on the other (even if you consider that they have been twirled around in the cup or the cone while being filled). There are places where they are mixed up and kind of marbled together.

The Dark Chocolate

The Dark Chocolate is extremely rich—in fact, you need quite a sweet tooth to be able to finish even a cup of the dark chocolate only. For this reason, it may be best to get the swirl at least the first time. This is not a bitter dark chocolate; so though dark chocolate is known for being a bit bitter, this is more of a decadent type of dark chocolate, something you would go for if treating yourself.

The White Chocolate Vanilla Bean

The description of this flavor fits it really well. There is definitely a white chocolate taste to this—but not an over sugary white chocolate. It’s kind of a perfect white chocolate truffle type of richness. And at the same time, there is definitely a vanilla bean taste. It is reminiscent of a white chocolate drink but one that might have a slightly vanilla bean taste to it. The vanilla bean is not overpowering at all.

Variations on the Soft Serve Theme

A cup of the soft serve holds a fairly large amount, and the cones are even larger. The Godiva site shows three cones you can get: dark chocolate, milk chocolate and praline almonds. There are also toppings of chocolate sauce and caramel sauce available.

These are definitely worth a try if you are on the lookout for a frozen dessert at Godiva. The white chocolate vanilla bean soft serve is especially a unique soft serve flavor that you can’t get anywhere else.
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