Ghirardelli Squares: Holiday Limited Edition Assortment

Image of Ghirardelli Holiday SquaresThe Holiday Limited Edition Assortment of Ghirardelli Squares is a popular variety that comes out every year before Christmas. They come in special holiday flavors: egg nog, peppermint bark and milk chocolate pumpkin spice caramel.

Mini Holiday Chocolate Treats

ghirardelli-holiday-square-bagMilk chocolate pumpkin spice caramel. In a way, these are similar to the Trader Joe’s pumpkin spice chocolates. Both types definitely have a pumpkin flavor within the caramel filling. The Ghirardelli square is a little more sweet and like a traditional pumpkin-flavor candy rather than focusing on the holiday spice aspect.

Peppermint bark. These are fun little versions of peppermint bark that are perfect for one person or just someone who doesn’t want to buy a whole chunk of peppermint bark. The top is the peppermint and white chocolate mix, with the bottom half being solid chocolate.

Egg nog. The egg nog flavor seems strongly based in white chocolate, with a hint of egg nog flavor. Fans of white chocolate may prefer this flavor.

These little squares are so fun to pick up for the holidays! Best of all, they’re readily available at the grocery store and other convenient places you might already be shopping—the perfect excuse to pick up a bag for the holidays.


Ghirardelli Squares: Limited Edition Nutrition Information