Milano Melts: Vanilla Creme Review (Pepperidge Farm)

Image: Choclate Milano Melt

It may seem strange to be reviewing a cookie called “Vanilla Creme” on a chocolate blog, but Milano Melts: Vanilla Creme have the chocolate cookie outside, and the vanilla creme part is inside. Regular Milano Melts have a chocolate filling with aMilano Melts: Vanilla Creme Package shortbread-type cookie (or something similar) surrounding it. They come in the typical Pepperidge Farm cookie bag.

The chocolate cookie part is quite subtle—it’s not a very strong chocolate taste, sort of how chocolate ice cream does not strike someone as being extremely chocolatey. They are not bad at all, but if you’re expecting a double chocolate type of cookie, that’s not exactly what you’ll get. The vanilla within is quite rich, but it is not overly intense, and is more like a sugary vanilla taste than a vanilla bean taste, for example.

Final Verdict on Chocolateness

The funny thing is that if you’re looking for cookies with a strong (or more obvious) chocolate taste, you might actually prefer the regular Milano Melts. The chocolate filling has more of that chocolateness to it that most chocoholics are looking for. The filling in the regular Milano Melts is quite generous, as well.