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Milka is a European chocolate that is available at some stores in the U.S. Milka is not as widely found as some other brands, but it isn’t impossible to find, either—you just have to keep a look out for it or be looking for something different to find it.Milka Package

Milka was started by a Swiss chocolatier in 1825, with its company name being a derivative of the words Milch and Kakao (“milk” and “cocoa” in German), according to Wikipedia. It is somewhat comparable to Cadbury, if you are familiar with their chocolate bars. While it is not as sugary-tasting as Hershey’s, for example, it is not overly bitter, either (especially since it is generally milk chocolate). Their “Toffee Crunch” bar is similar to a Toblerone, with little pieces of toffee nougat in it.

Their chocolate bars are a good size and can be found in purple packaging, which is the Milka trademark color. Their logo is a whimsical purple and white cow. If you like European chocolate (Cadbury, Toblerone, etc.), most likely you’ll like Milka, as well.