E.L.Fudge (Keebler) Review

Image: E.L. Fudge Cookie

We should probably start this review with the most basic aspect of these cookies: The name E.L.Fudge stands for “Everybody Loves Fudge.” And this is pretty close to being true!ELFudge Side View

These are not chocolate cookies in the sense that they are chocolate through and through—but they still qualify for a review here since the “fudge” part is key to these cookies. These are cute little cookies with one of Keebler elves used as the design. They are sandwich-type cookies (like Oreos) where the middle is the fudge, and the cookie portion is a butter cookie.

The side of the package has  the saying “We don’t fudge on our fudge,” and it mentions that the fudge is made with 100% cocoa. One plus to E.L.Fudge cookies is that you definitely get the most for your money—one package has a ton of cookies in it.

These are great little cookies—if you have never tried an E.L.Fudge, make them a part of your shopping list. The fudge part is neither too rich nor too bland. They are probably some of the best Keebler cookies for the chocolate lover!ELFudge Package

And of course, being a sandwich cookie, you can eat these like Oreos, eating the fudgey filling first. After all, that is the most important part!