Like Kit-Kat? Try Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate with Cornflakes!

Image of Ritter Sport Chocolate with Cornflakes

Guest review and image byline

Ritter Sport is a German chocolate company that has 30 regular varieties of squared chocolate bars (along with special limited-time ones). Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate With Cornflakes, called Knusperflakes in German, is one of those regular varieties, and it is a crunchy sweet milk chocolate candy that you’re sure to love. It’s reminiscent of a Kit-Kat bar, so if you like Kit-Kats, give Knusperflakes a try!

Cornflakes With Chocolate?

I’m no longer surprised by the things I see mixed in with chocolate. I’ve seen chocolate bars with chilis inside, potato chips, orange peels and now cornflakes! Whenever you see an “odd” flavor or something you’ve never seen before, be sure to pick it up and give it a taste. If you appreciate chocolate, you’ll definitely appreciate experiencing new flavor combinations!

I tasted this chocolate with two other tasters separately. Both loved it, and both said it reminded them of Kit-Kat chocolate bars. I personally had trouble with the cornflakes getting stuck in my teeth, and nothing worked to get it out (not even vigorous brushing!) except some time and lots of water. My two fellow tasters had no problems with it.

Imported Yet Easy-to-Find Chocolate

Ritter Sport is a popular imported chocolate, so it luckily can be found in most grocery stores, Targets, Wal-Mart and many other stores. My first experience with Ritter Sport came at an IKEA cafe with a chocolate bar with hazelnut slices inside. Both the hazelnut and cornflake varieties have quality chocolate and flavorful ingredients of the highest quality. Now I’ve got to find and taste all 30 of Ritter Sport’s chocolate bar varieties!

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