Chocolate Croissants (Overview)

Chocolate Croissant


Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of chocolate breakfast items—but chocolate croissants definitely make the list. This is half a review and a half a general overview of these nice, chocolatey pastries.

Chocolate croissants can generally be found pre-made at some bakeries and sometimes at grocery stores. They are simple—just a croissant filled with chocolate inside—but they are one of those items that benefits from its simplicity. Croissants are already good to begin with, and adding chocolate just makes them better. Most chocolate croissants are generally the same, except in the amount of chocolate that is included inside.

One readily available pre-made chocolate croissant is available from Starbuck’s. These are not bursting with chocolate—so if that’s what you’re expecting, you won’t find it. You won’t find that in most chocolate croissants, however, unless you make them yourself.

Making Chocolate Croissants

Luckily, this isn’t a tough endeavor. Pillsbury has a recipe for chocolate croissants (or “chocolate crescents”) using only their refrigerated crescent dough and chocolate chips.

If you don’t even want to bother with that, there’s another alternative: Simply buy croissants from the grocery store bakery, cut them open and stick some chocolate chips in them. Then microwave, and you will have perfect, easy chocolate croissants—and you can fill them with as much chocolate as you like!