Chewy Chips Ahoy! Chocolate Cookies (with Reese’s Peanut Butter Chips) (Nabisco) Review


Chips Ahoy! from Nabisco are among the most well-known types of packaged chocolate chip cookie—and lucky for chocolate lovers, they have come out with chocolate cookies for us to review. They are not a double chocolate in that they have chocolate chips, as well, since they actually have peanut butter chips instead.

These are a nice snack and have quite a bit of chocolate flavor. At times, it’s hard to taste the peanut butter chips, so for peanut butter fans hoping to mix their chocolate and peanut butter equally, it’s probably best to stick to peanut butter cups. All in all, these are nice, filling chocolate cookies. Like many cookies, these are better if heated up in the microwave.

They don’t seem to have a “non-chewy” version in these, like they do with their regular chocolate chip cookies.

A typical Chips Ahoy! package has a fair amount of cookies in them, and it’s even possible to find smaller packages with just a couple of cookies if you don’t feel like buying the whole bag. This is a very handy option if you don’t have a bunch of people to share with and can’t finish a whole bag on your own. Kudos to Nabisco for offering the smaller package!