Devil’s Food Cupcakes Review (Duncan Hines’ Mix)

Image of Duncan Hines Chocolate Cupcake


There are a lot of cupcake mixes out on the market—especially for chocolate and vanilla cupcakes—but one thing different about this Duncan Hines mix is that it is makes just 12 cupcakes. This makes it perfect for those who don’t need a huge batch of cupcakes all at once.

These are extremely easy to make, like many other cupcakes from a mix. They are good chocolate cupcakes as long as you’re not looking for anything super rich—they are right in the middle, being neither too rich, nor too bland. They actually have enough “chocolateness” that they may remind you of chocolate chocolate chip muffins.

Chocolate Cupcake Recipes

The Duncan Hines webpage for these chocolate cupcakes has a section for recipes that use this mix, and it features a recipe for very cute dark forest cupcakes (chocolate cupcakes with trees “growing” out of them).

The Duncan Hines website states that these are “moist, delicious cupcakes,” and they definitely are moist. Try these easy cupcakes if you want something quick and yummy!