Twix Ghosts

Image of Twix Ghosts

(Note: These were reviewed Halloween 2015. Seasonal items may not be available every year.)

It’s always fun to see holiday spins on our favorite chocolate. This time, we’d like to highlight Twix Ghosts.

Twix-Ghost-PkgThese little guys come two to a package. The package itself is almost identical, basically, to a regular Twix package, but as promised, the items inside are shaped like ghosts. They are quite cute. Both specters that came in our package looked alike.

Twix-lovers will be happy to discover that these are indeed just like regular Twix other than the shape and spooky mold. They are a good size, possibly being about the same overall volume as a regular Twix or close to it.

Ghostly Twix should definitely help chocoholics enjoy the Halloween season.