Teuscher Review

Teuscher's Chocolate Image(Left to right: Milk Buttercrunch Truffle, Maple Truffle, Solid Chocolate Pig)

Teuscher chocolates are unfortunately a bit hard to find—they don’t have nearly enough locations in the U.S. If you are lucky enough to have one near you, however, make sure to try them out. Because it is difficult to find them, this review is based on their Newport Beach, California, location. Other locations may differ.

Teuscher chocolate is probably the most luxurious chocolate you can find, other than artisan chocolate. Their locations (at least the one we visited) may not have the huge variety that See’s does, but they have some very tempting pieces. Many of their chocolates have liquor-type fillings, so if that’s what you’re looking for, Teucher chocolates are probably for you. Their champagne truffles get very good reviews.

In addition, they also have some nicely sculpted chocolate animals, such as fish, pigs, dogs and cats. Bumblebees are also available. These are solid chocolate pieces and are quite cute for animal lovers.

Teuscher Chocolate BarChocolate Bars & More

Teuscher chocolate sells various chocolate bars, such as the mint bar shown, and some individually wrapped items, such as chocolate cookie-type foods. They have also started a subscription program where you can get a “Cocoa Kit” every month containing various types of chocolate (Godiva does this, as well).

They also have a cafe where you can get chocolate drinks. So if you do find a Teuscher, you can get some chocolate pieces, animals or bars, then have a nice chocolatey drink.