Good for Snacks & “Tea Time”: Anna’s Chocolate Mint Thins (Review)

Image: Anna's Chocolate Mint ThingAnna’s Chocolate Mint Thins can be found in the grocery store, but they would generally be in the section with the other more “gourmet” cookies. The tagline underneath the product name says “Delicate Swedish Cookies.”

That’s a very good description for them, actually. These nice little cookies do not have the same heaviness as some other chocolate cookies—they somehow are reminiscent of a good tea cookie (if there is such a thing). They are fairly thin,  and so you wouldn’t have to worry about being over-full eating these for an afternoon snack.

Both the chocolate and the mint taste in these is pretty subtle—there’s no huge burst of chocolate or Klondike-like rush of mint waiting to burst at you with these cookies—but that actually makes them a nice treat. They are perfect for summer for a nice, light chocolate cookie snack time.

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