Chocolate Fudge 3-Layer Cake Review (Pepperidge Farm)

Image of Pepperidge Farm 3-Layer Cake


The idea of a frozen chocolate cake is perfect—you don’t even need to mix anything! But the question is whether frozen cakes are worth a try. In this review, we contend that the Chocolate Fudge 3-Layer Cakes from Pepperidge Farm are worth it.PeppFarm-Chocolate-Cake Box

The picture of the cake on the box certainly is tempting. Once thawed, this cake is surprisingly good. You might expect a frozen cake to be stale, but the main difference between this and a non-frozen cake is simply that this is colder. The cake itself is a nice, rich chocolate. It’s actually rather smooth, something along the lines of a velvety texture.

And what of the frosting? (Yes, this is the most important part.) The frosting is really good, too. It’s not especially rich, but because the cake is on the rich side, you probably don’t want overly rich frosting, anyway.

Good Amount of Chocolate Cake

One box has a square of this cake within that takes up pretty much the whole box, so you know how much you’re getting just by looking at the packaging. It would be nice with frozen pieces to have them pre-sliced, as slicing is always a challenge with frozen goods. In addition, there was no shrink wrap or plastic wrap protecting the cake inside—it was simply bare in the box, which is rather unexpected. There’s not a lot to “protect” the cake from, but it would be a shame if the frosting ended up smashed on the box interior.

Overall, this is a nice cake to try from the frozen section. Similar to their 3-layer cakes, they also make frozen “Cookie Cakes,” which are inspired by their well-known Pepperidge Farm cookies. Stay tuned for a possible future Cookie Cake review!