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“Holiday Pie” Truffles From See’s Review

(Left to right: See’s pecan pie truffle, apple pie truffle)

What could possibly be better than holiday pies? Well, take the idea of holiday pies and mix them with chocolate, and you have a winner! And it appears that’s exactly what See’s did when they made their pecan pie truffles and apple pie truffles. At first, the mixing of pie and chocolate truffles may seem a bit unusual—but in a good way.

Both of these truffles are seasonally available at See’s and are covered in white chocolate.

Apple Pie Truffle

The apple pie truffles really do live up to their name: They taste like little tiny Dutch apple pies! It’s interesting to note that they specifically seem reminiscent of Dutch or French apple pie—the type with crumbly crusts—more than a regular-crusted apple pie. Of course, however, that’s just our opinion.

Pecan Pie Truffle

These are extremely good little truffles! They definitely do have the sweetness of pecan pie. At the same time, they have a strong hint of almost a butterscotch square (if you’re familiar with this See’s piece). So if you’re a fan of sweet pecan pies or butterscotch squares, this is a truffle worth trying.

So there you have it: a quick review of these special holiday treats. The next time you’re at See’s, they’re definitely worth stopping for—and they’re only available during the holiday season, so don’t miss out!

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