See’s Candies Review

See's Chocolate Image
(Left to Right: Raspberry Cream, Kona Mocha, Butterscotch Square)
See's Bordeux Bar

See’s Bordeux Bar

Just about everyone is familiar with See’s chocolates—See’s is the most populous chocolatier, with a boutique in just about every mall (but we’ll review it, anyway). In addition, they probably have the largest selection of individual chocolates available in their display case at any given time. As with the other chocolatiers, they have truffles, creams and other types of chocolate pieces available.

And of course, one of the great things about See’s is that you get a free sample if you happen to buy something from them.

Custom Chocolate Mixes & More

Something unique about See’s is that they offer custom mixes on their website. If you want to purchase a custom mix online, you’ll be taken to a page with photos of each type of chocolate available, and you can choose whatever pieces you like. This is a feature not offered by other chocolatiers (that we know of).

While other chocolatiers sell ice cream, strawberries or candied apples to supplement their usual chocolate line, See’s offers their famous lollypops. These come in a few different flavors, one of the most important being chocolate.

Luckily, See’s is easy to spot when you’re passing by—you can’t miss the black-and-white motif decorating their locations. This is good, since you won’t forget to get your chocolate fix when you’re out and about!




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