Trader Joe’s Chocolatissimo Premium Harvest Collection Belgian Chocolates

Image of Trader Joe's Autumn Chocolate

If you’re at Trader Joe’s at this time of year, it’s hard to miss their Chocolatissimo Premium Harvest Collection Belgian Chocolates. At first, they may look like some type of autumn-themed candies (other than chocolate) — but they are actually chocolates that are too cute to pass by without buying.

Trader-Joes-Autumn-Chocolate-ReviewThe Look of Autumn…in Pieces of Chocolate

The first thing about these little chocolates is their adorable fall shapes. There’s a pumpkin, some walnuts, some pine cones and little corncobs. The corncobs and pumpkin really catch the eye with their orange and yellow outer coloration.

And the pumpkin and corncobs are the most elaborate in detail, too — you may almost want to eat them last, just because they’re the funnest part of the entire package.

Eating Chocolate Corncobs and Pumpkins


Image from the back of the package showing the flavors available

So what do these little autumn pieces taste like? The inside definitely matches the perfection of the outside appearance. Each piece has a different filling. The walnut is walnut praline; pine cones are hazelnut praline, as is the pumpkin; a darker walnut is caramel cream; and the corncobs are crispy hazelnut praline.

These autumn minis are definitely worth a try — and they’re not available year-round, so if they’re in your store, don’t wait too long!


Trader Joe’s Chocolatissimo Premium Harvest Collection Belgian Chocolates Nutrition Facts