Trader Joe’s Halloween Joe Joe’s Cookies (Review)

Image of Trader Joe's Halloween Joe Joe's Cookies


Halloween isn’t only about chocolate candy—though that’s certainly the biggest draw, as far as chocolate is concerned. Yet there are other Halloween treats, too. Trader Joe’s Halloween Joe Joe’s Cookies are definitely some Halloween cookies that catch the eye at their store.

The Box: People With Pumpkin Heads

TJ-Halloween-Cookies-PkgIt’s nearly impossible to miss the boxes of these cookies if you go to Trader Joe’s: The boxes show a person with a pumpkin head cookie on the front. As with many Trader Joe’s packages, the box design is very clever. The back has a cute saying for Halloween tempting you to buy these cookies: “Goblins abound in scary places/perfect time for pumpkin faces/crunchy orbs of chocolate hue/try to eat just one, YES DO!”

With a box like that, you almost have to buy it, which we obviously did.

The “Crunchy Orbs of Chocolate Hue”

So as the verse promises, it is the “perfect time for pumpkin faces,” which in this case, are chocolate sandwich cookies with an orange-colored filling. There are at least four different pumpkin face carvings on the chocolate cookie part, which do taste a lot like the Oreo cookie chocolate.

The filling, though it’s orange, is a vanilla bean flavor. It’s not a super-strong vanilla bean flavoring, so it will not be a yucky, overpowering type of vanilla flavor. The consistency is thicker than an Oreo’s filling, which is rather unexpected for a cookie filling. Again, that’s neither good, nor bad; some people will love it, and some won’t notice that much.

So, ’tis the season for chocolate pumpkin-headed cookies! If you have a Trader Joe’s near you, be sure to check these out.

Trader Joe’s Halloween Joe Joe’s Cookies Nutrition Facts