Toblerone Chocolate Review

Toblerone Chocolate

Toblerone is easy to pick out at the store. Toblerone does have more than one product, but the most well-known is the honey and almond nougat bar (though it’s not a typical bar shape). It comes in a long, triangular package, so it stands out really well. This Swiss chocolate is wrapped within foil inside the package. The shape is very distinct; the entire piece creates a series of triangles with each triangle spelling out a letter of the brand name.

Toberlone’s website describes this product as “smooth milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat.” The almonds are very tiny, so this is not simply a different version of a Hershey bar with almonds. The tiny almonds do have a sweet “honeyness” to them. The combination of chocolate and little almonds makes for some crunchiness but not to the extent of, for example, a Nestle Crunch.

The chocolate itself is very good and lives up to the description Toblerone gives. If you have not tried Toblerone and enjoy smooth types of chocolate, this bar is probably for you.

Toblerone Chocolate Recipes

Toblerone features a recipe page with a collection of recipes you can make with their products, including a whimsical “Hedgehog ‘Cake.'” Interestingly, you can choose your country on Toblerone’s webpage, and if you look at other country’s Toblerone sites, the recipes are different than the U.S. page (e.g., they do not have a “Hedgehog ‘Cake'”).