Helen Grace Chocolate Review

Helen Grace Chocolate Image(From front left, counterclockwise: Belgian chocolate truffle, raspberry truffle, meltaways, boysenberry cream)


Helen Grace Boysenberry Cream

Like many chocolatiers, Helen Grace is well-established. They have a good selection of chocolate pieces, including truffles and creams. One item they have that is rather unique is their melt-aways, which are basically squares of soft chocolate that have a rather “melty” texture, as the name suggests. If you like the filling inside Lindt/Lindor pieces, you will probably like the melt-aways, as well.

Helen Grace chocolate is not as rich as some of the “luxury” brands, but they are not overly sugary, either, being a nice mix right in between.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries & Apples

One nice feature of Helen Grace boutiques is that they are one of the chocolatiers that also offers other types of items. They offer chocolate strawberries when they are season, and they also have candied apples. One very special feature about Helen Grace is that they offer soft serve ice cream, as well, which is nice since soft serve is sometimes a bit difficult to find.

Chocolate Worth Trying

The one downside is that there are not as many Helen Grace locations as See’s or Godiva, so if you’d like to try it, you may be ordering online. But for chocoholics, this is definitely a brand worth trying.