Lake Champlain Raspberry Truffle Bar (review)

Lake Champlain Raspberry Truffle Bar

Lake Champlain’s Raspberry Truffle Dark Chocolate bars are perfect for those who love semi-sweet chocolate. The bars come in pre-separated squares, each with some of the raspberry truffle filling inside.Lake Champlain Raspberry Truffle Bar (package)

The dark chocolate exterior is 54% dark, so it is neither too bitter, nor too sweet. And as for the truffle filling, it is a nice “ganachey” (if we can make up a word here) truffle filling that is very similar to the raspberry truffles from Helen Grace. In fact, if you like the Helen Grace raspberry truffles, you’re bound to love the Lake Champlain bar, as well. It has a nice, smooth filling that’s a dark chocolate color with a mild raspberry flavor (as opposed to a super-fruity burst of raspberry).

These truffle bars are part of their Signature Chocolate Bar selection. The packaging of the bar we tried looks different than the one shown on their website currently but the chocolate bar itself appears to be the same.

All in all, these are a great treat for those who love the mixture of semi-sweet and truffle!


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