Godiva Review

Godiva Chocolate(Clockwise from upper left: Cherry Almond, Open Oyster, Passionfruit Fruit Fusion)

Godiva is one of the easiest-to-find chocolatiers in malls. Their chocolates tend to be a bit more on on the rich side (compared to See’s, which is more on the sweet side) and are more along the lines of luxury chocolate than you can find in most shopping centers. They have a good variety, from truffles to creams. In addition, their boutiques also often have chocolate drinks available.Godiva: 4 Pieces

Chocolate Rewards

A couple things make Godiva unique. First, there is the rewards program. The most notable—and beneficial—thing about the rewards is that every month, you get a free piece of chocolate when you come in (they do keep track, as they scan your card each time). It is easy to join—and completely free. All you have to do is provide an e-mail address. Sometimes, the available reward samples are more limited, and sometimes you have your choice of just about anything in their display; it just depends on the month.

Chocolate Biscuits & More

One other thing about Godiva is that they sell biscuits with chocolate on them (see the Godiva website for examples). These biscuits are available at Godiva stores, as well as in packages at other retail locations. This brings us to another unique feature about Godiva: They’re one of the only chocolatiers (besides Ghirardelli) to offer their chocolate out of their boutique in packages. Godiva packages can be found anywhere from department stores to Barnes & Noble.

For those who have the means or are looking for a chocolate-lover’s gift, their website offers “Chocolate of the Month,” where you can order chocolate anywhere from once per month for three months to a year of monthly chocolate.

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure you get your Godiva reward card, if you haven’t already!


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