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Ghirardelli's Save Me San Francisco

Ghirardelli has a limited edition of intense dark bars with the name of “Save Me, San Franciso,” in homage to their headquarters. Photo by Cassandra Radcliff.

Ghirardelli is unique in that it is one of the only chocolatiers (with boutique locations) that offers its chocolate in other stores, as well (Godiva is another chocolatier that does this). In addition, Ghirardelli locations offer an ice cream menu, as well as chocolate. While other chocolatier locations may offer drinks (Godiva, Teuscher) and some ice cream (Godiva, Helen Grace), Ghirardelli has a menu full of ice cream happiness.

As far as their chocolate goes, most of it comes in little squares. If you buy a chocolate bar from them, you’ll find it divided into squares. Most come with a filling of some sort (a Dark & Raspberry Filled Bar is shown above).

Of all the chocolatiers we have covered so far, Ghirardelli and Godiva are the two that offer a good selection of bars. Bars from both chocolatiers are excellent.

Ghirardelli also sells hot chocolate, baking chocolate and boxed chocolate.

A Chocolate Place

They even have a Chocolate Festival in San Francisco every year that helps to raise money for charity. According to the Ghirardelli website, during this festival, you can “witness the hilarity as six lucky people eat the famous Ghirardelli ‘Earthquake’ Sundae as fast as they can without hands.” Chocolate demonstrations take place at the festival, also, and of course, there are samples available.

It seems that from chocolate bars to cable cars, San Francisco is a great place for chocolate lovers! If you can’t get to any of the Ghirardelli locations, however, it’s easy to find their chocolate at stores all over.

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Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco

Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco. Photo by Cassandra Radcliff.