Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Review

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Image(Left to Right: Piece from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory’s prepackaged box of four chocolates, hazelnut truffle, strawberry cream)


This review covers Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, which offers a core selection of truffles and filled chocolates—with some of the pieces being a pretty good size. If you like larger chocolate pieces (who doesn’t?), you’ll probably want to check them out. Like some of the other chocolatiers discussed, their pieces are neither too sweet, nor super-rich. More Rocky Mountains seem to have sprouted up in the past several years.Rocky Mountain Chocolate Window

One striking thing about Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is that in their store window, they usually have an amazing selection of candied apples. There are traditional caramel apples, cheesecake apples, apples with M&Ms and more. They seem to offer more special caramel apples than any other store, chocolatier or otherwise. In addition, they also offer some interesting chocolate-covered items like “Bears on a Stick” (pretzels covered with chocolate), chocolate-dipped marshmallows and even chocolate-covered potato chips.

Another interesting item at Rocky Mountain—though it isn’t chocolate—is their dog treats. These are dog bones covered with some sort of confection-type coating (since chocolate is poisonous for dogs, of course).

Here, we have a chocolatier that caters to both people and dogs—definitely a plus!