Russell Stover Review (assorted chocolates)

Russell Stover Assorted ChocolatesRussell Stover chocolates, including the Russell Stover Assorted box, can be found all over, including the 99 Cents Store, which carries bags of Russell Stover in various types. Russell Stover chocolates luckily fall into the category of “affordable but very good,” much like Whitman’s chocolate, which is often found right next to Russell Stover in the chocolate aisle.

Russell Stover boxes have a good assortment, from chewy caramel types to “cream” types of chocolate. One interesting thing about the cream types of Russell Stover is that the filling looks very “pillowy,” reminiscent of a marshmallow texture (not taste—texture only), which is something you don’t see in much chocolate.


The Russell Stover Chocolate “Map”

Like Whitman’s, Russell Stover now is putting “maps” of the pieces of chocolate in the inside lid. This may be a new feature, as we don’t recall these chocolate blueprints in past versions of Russell Stover chocolate. Anyway, it’s quite helpful to see what type of chocolate you may feel like eating, so the “maps” are a welcome addition.

One of the more unusual types of pieces in this assortment—which easily stood out with the help of the map—is a raspberry caramel piece. This indeed has a raspberry taste to it, and it’s a welcome change from the usual caramel pieces. It’s not an overpowering or strong raspberry taste, but the idea of fruit fuzed with caramel seems relatively unheard of in the chocolate world, other than in this assortment (or so we’ve seen so far).RussellStover-Assortment-Pkg

If you like Whitman’s, chances are that you will like Russell Stover (and vice versa). The next time you’re in the chocolate aisle, make sure to check out Russell Stover, if you haven’t already.