Russell Stover Pumpkin Pie in Milk Chocolate and Coconut & Almond in Milk Chocolate


(Note: These were reviewed Halloween 2014. Seasonal items may not be available every year.)

Russell Stover Pumpkin Pie in Milk Chocolate and Coconut & Almond in Milk Chocolate are chocolate candies for Halloween that can often be found at the grocery as part of deals such as “10 for $10.” Other similar items are sold as part of the Russell Stover Halloween line, which perhaps we’ll review next Halloween. Stay tuned!

Both of these are decent-sized Halloween chocolates you can munch on as a snack, being slightly larger than a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. The exterior is not “carved” as a pumpkin, if that’s what you’re expecting—only the basic shape is pumpkin-like.

Pumpkin Pie in Milk Chocolate

The Pumpkin Pie and Milk Chocolate from Russell Stover comes with an orange filling that is much more sweet than pumpkin pie. It somehow does have a taste reminiscent of autumn and the holidays, but if you’re looking for something with a true pumpkin pie taste, the actual pie would be the best way to go. The filling is neither too dry nor mushy, and is similar to other Russell Stover fillings, if you’re familiar with the brand.RS-Pumpkin-N-Coconut-Pkg

Coconut & Almond in Milk Chocolate

The Coconut & Almond in Milk Chocolate is basically a large coconut-filled chocolate. The coconut itself is quite good, but the real pleasant surprise is the little bits of almond that are mixed into the chocolate coating. That makes these different from an Almond Joy or other chocolates that sport both almond and coconut. The almond bits are small but somehow add a nice touch.

Overall, these are very budget-friendly and easy-to-find Halloween candies that make a good snack or good favors at a Halloween party.

More 2014 Halloween chocolate to come next week!