Pure Market Chocolate Truffle Pie

A Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free Chocolate Truffle Pie Review! (Pure Market Express)

Pure Market Chocolate Truffle Pie

The idea of chocolate truffle pie is a happy thought for just about any pie and chocolate-lover—and Pure Market Express’ Chocolate Truffle Pie fortunately has catered to both the pie and chocolate crowds. As an added bonus, this pie is gluten-free and dairy-free.

These are found in the frozen dessert section where they are sold. One package has two pie pieces, which are nicely packaged in separate little cardboard containers. This makes it extremely convenient, so thank you to the company for doing this.Pure Market Chocolate Truffle Pie (package)

Yummy Cocoa Taste

The pie itself is very good. There is a strong cocoa taste, so if you’re more accustomed to eating milk chocolate, it may strike you as being a bit bitter at first. The funny thing is that it is not actually bitter per se, but it’s just more on the cocoa side than the sugary side. This is good, as even though you may be a milk chocolate fan, you will likely still want to eat more of this pie. And as you do, what subtle bitterness that may have initially been there will vanish. If you are used to eating really dark chocolate, you probably won’t even notice the lack of sugariness. The texture is firmer than a chocolate cream pie and is not mushy.

It is easy to eat one piece in a single setting, but because these are a bit on the rich side, some may opt to not gorge on the whole thing at once.

Special Crust for This Chocolate Pie

The crust of this pie is nice surprise—it’s a nutty sort of crust that is again not too sweet but is certainly not bitter. This adds a nice touch, and all in all, this pie almost seems like a gourmet dessert—and it’s highly recommended to consume gourmet-type chocolate desserts! In addition, these are great for those looking for something dairy-free and gluten-free. Enjoy!


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