Pillsbury Milk Chocolate Brownies

Milk Chocolate Brownie Review (Pillsbury Mix)

Pillsbury Milk Chocolate Brownies

Looking at the packaged brownie, mix, there’s actually quite an array available. This review will be for Pillsbury’s Milk Chocolate Brownies. It can be easily found in the grocery store with the other brownie mixes.Pillsbury Milk Chocolate Brownie Box

These brownies turn out nice and soft. They are very good brownies with a nice choclateness that is just right for everyone—not too bland and not too overpowering (like a bitter, dark chocolate would be). They may remind you of the brownies you had as a kid—which is a good thing. And they may have actually been the brownies you had as a kid!

Preparing them is extremely easy. You only need a few ingredients (oil, water, eggs), and you’re set to go. These brownies are great if you’re feeling a little nostalgic for something that reminds you of your childhood!