Like Turnovers? Try Chocolate Ones! (Pepperidge Farm Review)

Chocolate Turnover Review | www.chocolateenmasse.com(cross-section of Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Turnover)

Chocolate turnovers are an amazing idea! Just about everyone likes turnovers, but chocolate ones aren’t seen too often—so Pepperidge Farm’s Chocolate Turnovers are definitely a welcome breakfast treat. Plus, anyone who has had other types of Pepperidge Farm Turnovers knows that they tend to be a really good product—and the chocolate version is no exception.PeppFarm-Turnover-Pkg

These come in boxes of four and are found in the freezer section, typically with frozen desserts. They are easy to make—as in you just put them on a cookie sheet. You do need to remember to set the oven initially at 475 degrees Fahrenheit to preheat then lower the temperature once the turnovers go in. Otherwise, it would seem likely to end up with burnt chocolate inside (and we would never want that).

What About the Chocolate?

The chocolate, once the turnover is done, is just right—it’s not too gooey or tough either way. It is very much as you would expect: like melted chocolate. And the great thing is that there’s a really good layer of it inside. Sometimes with turnovers, you end up with a thin layer of the filling but not in these!

If you are a fan of turnovers—and especially if you’re already a fan of Pepperidge Farm Turnovers—definitely try these!