Talenti Dark Chocolate Dairy-Free Sorbetto (Review)

It’s hard to imagine a dairy-free chocolate dessert that tastes anything like chocolate—but Talenti’s Dairy-Free Sorbetto in Dark Chocolate is all that and more.

The sorbetto itself has more of an ice cream texture than typical sorbet, which is more like a frozen fruit juice. Compare the Talenti Dark Chocolate Sorbetto to a fruit sorbet, and the difference will be obvious.

Not only is it the texture of ice cream, but it is better than chocolate ice cream. Chocolate ice cream sometimes does not taste truly chocolatey and is almost more like an artificial chocolate flavor. This has the flavor of a rich chocolate mousse—perhaps a feature of the dark chocolate in the sorbetto.

An added bonus would be chunks of more chocolatey flavor throughout.

This is definitely a must try for anyone looking for a dairy free chocolate dessert!