Halloween Kit Kat (Review)

Image of Halloween Kit Kat

(Note: These were reviewed Halloween 2014. Seasonal items may not be available every year.)

It’s always fun when candy companies come out when special holiday versions of their usual fare.

The packaging tells you that you’re in for “1 of 4 spooky bar designs” and has the cute tagline “Dare to Find What’s Inside.” Of course, getting all four designs is rather tricky—we bought four just to see what would happen and only ended up with two. One of the designs is a cute bat and moon motif that says “Spooky Snacks from Kit Kat.” Another bares a set of fangs and says “You’ve Been Bitten. Try Another Kit Kat.” A third design (one of the designs we did not get) is an extremely cute ghost, and it says “Happy Hauntings from Kit Kat.” We were unable to find any examples of the fourth Halloween design.

Of course, the Halloween Kit Kat is the same as far as the chocolate itself is concerned—only the design is different.