Fresh & Easy Gourmet Belgian Cocoa Dusted Truffles (Review)

Fresh & Easy Belgian Dusted Truffles Review



Pop a Fresh & Easy Gourmet Belgian Cocoa Dusted Truffle into your mouth, and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

On the box, it says, “Our rich, creamy truffles imported from Belgium offer the ultimate in dark chocolate enjoyment. Each decadent morsel is carefully blended for supreme smoothness, then gently dusted with premium cocoa to create a soft, sophisticated finish.”

There has never been more truth in advertising. These truffles are decadent and supremely smooth, and you are sure to enjoy them.

Literally Bittersweet Chocolate—in a Good Way

The cocoa dusting is the first flavor to hit your tongue. It is a strong and bitter powder, but this taste is followed with a burst of creamy and smooth sweet chocolate enhanced by the first bitter flavor. If you’ve ever had a Warhead candy, you’ll understand the process your taste buds go through. Warheads have a sour-flavored outer coating, which makes the inside candy taste even better. The bitter chocolate of these Belgian truffles won’t make you twist your face into an unattractive position, of course, but the sequence of flavors gives you an enhanced tasting experience.