Chocolate Wafflers Review (Eggo)

Eggo Chocolate Wafflers Review

  • Reminiscent of chocolate chocolate chip muffins
  • Easy to make in the toaster

Eggo Chocolate Wafflers are a real treat for those who like chocolate breakfast food. They are a bit different than typical Eggos, as they aren’t in the typical round Eggo shape. Instead, they are small “rounded rectangles” that are attached, with two together making up the size of one regular waffle (hence the name “Wafflers,” most likely). If you are interested in trying them, you’ll probably want to get them soon, since they are a limited-edition Eggo. If you really like them, keep buying them to tell Eggo how popular they are! And of course, they can be easily made in the toaster—definitely a plus!

Plenty of “Chocolateness”

The box states that no syrup is needed—which is probably true for most people. Syrup may actually ruin the “chocolateness” of these waffles, as it would easily overtake the chocolate flavor. Imagine pouring syrup over a chocolate chip muffin, and that’s exactly what you would end up with. This is because these waffles are very reminiscent of chocolate chip muffins (not a double chocolate chip muffin but a “regular” muffin with chocolate chips).

Chocolate Wafflers PackageThat does not mean, however, that you cannot add some garnish to these waffles. Chocolate spread (e.g., Hershey’s chocolate spread) is a great topping and makes for a more dessert-like waffle experience. If you like butter on a chocolate chip muffin, that may work, also.

These Chocolate Wafflers will hopefully remain in circulation–they are a great breakfast or dessert food for chocolate-lovers!