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Niagara Milk Chocolate Dinosaur Egg (Review)

Niagara Milk Chocolate Dinosaur Egg Review | chocolateenmasse.comHardly any chocolate is more fun than a hollow chocolate bunny—except maybe a chocolate dinosaur, like these little guys that “hatch” out of the Niagara Milk Chocolate Dinosaur Egg.

The Outer Shell (aka “Packaging”)

When you first find one of these chocolate dinosaur eggs, they already are in very eye-catching packaging. Besides being larger than most chocolate, they are contained in nice blue cardboard packaging that shows different baby dinosaurs (presumably different types that can be found inside the egg). The packaging shows four dinosaur species: stegosaurus, triceratops, brontosaurus (possibly a brachiosaur) and a little mini tyrannosaurus rex-type baby.

And inside the outer packaging is a large egg covered in gold foil, ready to be unwrapped to reveal the egg inside.

Niagara Milk Chocolate Dinosaur Egg Review |

The outer packaging of the chocolate dinosaur egg shows four chocolate dino species.

The Chocolate Egg

The egg itself is actually easily opened—there’s no need to try to hack it with a knife, which would possibly ruin the baby dinosaur inside. It pulls apart without much effort.

The egg is hollow, of course, and is a pretty good size. As the name says, it’s made of milk chocolate, and it is pretty much the same type of taste as a typical hollow chocolate bunny.

Chocolate Dinosaur Babies

Niagara Milk Chocolate Dinosaur Egg Review | chocolateenmasse.comIt’s fun to see what type of baby dinosaur is inside your egg. The little tyrannosaurus rex was within the egg in this review (guessing that it’s a tyrannosaurus; it looks like one but is too cute to be a predator).

The one unfortunate thing about it is that it’s almost too cute to eat.

Which chocolate dinosaur will you get? Get one online—or at a local store, if you’re lucky enough to find one—and crack your dinosaur egg open to find out!


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