Ghirardelli Brownies Review |

Great Brownies for Caramel-Lovers: Caramel Turtle Brownie Review (Ghirardelli)

Ghirardelli Brownies Review |

A lot of “specialty” brownie mixes have become available, and Ghirardelli has quite a few. The packaging for these Ghirardelli Caramel Turtle Brownies even looks quite fancy compared to most other store mixes. The brownie mix has nuts embedded within, and a pouch of caramel topping is included in the box.Brownies-Ghira-Pkg

The mix is easy to make, just as with other brownies. The unique part about these is putting on the caramel topping. The directions say to create lines on the top of the brownie mixture once it’s in the pan, then you gently pull a knife across the caramel lines to create a pattern similar to the nice-looking brownies on the box. Unless you’re really good at food decorating, yours will probably not turn out exactly like the ones on the box—but they should look pretty good nonetheless.

Benefits to These Brownies

One nice thing about these brownies, as odd as it sounds, are the instructions. They make it a point to mention that the brownies will look undercooked but will cool to doneness. Not every brownie mix mentions this, leaving one to wonder if their brownies are truly done or not. This is one of those little things that makes a nice addition to the product.

And the brownies themselves are very good! It’s probably hard to mess up brownies, but one notable thing is that the box states “Now more moist!” And these are indeed moist brownies, almost tending toward a cake-like consistency. In that way, they’re a bit lighter in the tummy than other brownies. They’re the perfect blend of not too sweet but just sweet enough.

The topping is what really makes these different—most people will probably really enjoy the caramel at the top. These brownies are definitely the ones for caramel fans!

+ Making Ghirardelli Caramel Turtle Brownies Video

Want a visual of making these great Ghirardelli brownies? You got it!