Breyer’s Carb Smart Frozen Almond Bar (Review)

Breyer’s Carb Smart Frozen Almond Bar is a chocolate-covered ice cream bar that does not at all taste like it’s a “diet” item—even though it really does have less carbs at 13 grams of carbs per bar. For comparison, one-half cup of ice cream typically has at least 22 grams.

And this not only has the ice cream but also the chocolate covering.

The Perfect Chocolate-Covered Ice Cream Bar

Since this is an ice cream bar, we should probably cover the ice cream first. We all know that vanilla ice cream can differ greatly, from sugary sweet to vanilla bean. The vanilla in this ice cream bar is actually right in the middle: sweet but definitely not sugary. It does not have a vanilla bean taste, but there’s no question it’s vanilla (in a good way).

And this is important because after all, you don’t want something overly sugary when it’s going to be covered in chocolate. You also don’t want something too heavy in consistency, and this ice cream is a good frozen middle ground there, as well, being not too thick of an ice cream, which can ruin a good ice cream bar.

The chocolate coating is not a dark chocolate but seems like a fairly traditional chocolate used for covering ice cream bars. It does have almonds, so be aware if you are allergic.

Low Carb, Great Tasting Bar

The great thing about these ice cream bars is that other than the packaging, you have absolutely no idea that these are low carb or “diet” in any way. They are just as good as “regular” ice cream bars, so if you like your chocolate-covered ice cream bars, give these a try!

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Breyer’s Carb Smart Almond Bar Nutrition Information